Regeneration of damaged muscular tissue with hand massage using a roller and original gel consisted of different naturally active substances, in an electro-magnetic field that occurs by using a flow of high frequency electricity on damaged tissue during which the skin remains intact. The process acts non invasive on the patient without any contradictions and allergic reactions. The electric current produced during the regeneration of muscular tissue is irrelevant - only a few micro amperes.

After the therapy, results on doping tests are negative to presence of illegal substances in blood and urine. All substances used during the treatment are completely natural and are safe for any type of anti-doping test.


  • All professional players traumas of muscular tissue
  • Partial ruptures
  • Ruptures
  • Distensions
  • Hematoma
  • Old and new scared tissue within muscles

After the treatment in duration of 1-7 days, the patients muscle tissue is completely regenerated, which can be checked with an MR scan or with an ultra sound scan. Before the treatment, a diagnosis with a diagnostic scan from the clubs doctor is needed. After the treatment and the control diagnostic scan, the patient is ready for regular training.

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